Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sitting and waiting

Okay. Very sorry we had a computer glitch and was not able to edit or post again. Well, we are good and so are the girls. The monitoring is okay. The girls move around alot and make alot of noise that can muffle their heartbeats, so it can be challenging to get a good 2-hour reading on both of them. It really is not that exciting in here. We are leaning toward scheduling the delivery at 32 weeks right now they say there is really not a lot of difference between 32 and 34. We will see. Well I will write more later. If your lucky a picture will accompany.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is the nurse trying to find the babies on the ultrasound we did get to see some hands and feet moving around.

Andi with her bungees in her bed.

This is an awesome picture of Courtney kissing her sis on the head.

Our First Blog

Andrea and I are sitting in the hospital watching the nurse trying to get both of the babies on the monitors. This involves two suction cup looking things that are bungee corded to Andi's belly. Mostly it sounds like the ocean unless the babies kick the monitors then well it sounds like the baby kicked the monitor. About 82% of the time the nurse gets frustrated and has someone else try to get both babies on at the same time, that is the hard part. Usually you only see one at a time but as long as there is some of both we are ok. It is really nice to hear the hart beats. Andrea is growing so fast it is scary. We are almost to 29 weeks right now and are on the second half of the wait. We dont know right now how long we will have to wait till we can bring them out, we are talking to a Neonatologist tomorrow to get his opinion on a 32 week baby vs 34 week baby and weigh the risks. We have realized that it is up to us to decide what we would like to do with the babies and how long we would like to leave them in there. I think my birth day would be cool right in the middle at 33 weeks (good bday present). We will have to see. I do not feel like talking about all of the things with the babies now so I guess I will add good bits of info and the days go and hopefully this blog will be more consistent than my life right now where the only thing consistent is the lack of consistency.

Ohhh there we go another discouraged nurse just left the room to get the ultrasound to look for babies happens almost every time (82%).

Well I hope that works for my first post, Andrea put me in charge of this blog and I am (I am sure she is as well) sorry for all grammatical errors and lack of sentence structure, correct spelling and the excess of lame jokes that I am sure will pop up.

By the way their names are Courtney Marie Trainor and Samantha Grace Trainor