Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home! Yea home home!

We are in Loveland. I have no time this morning but wanted to tell you we were home. Update later.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So we are still in Denver today it is almost her 3 week birthday and she is doing really great. She is weighing about 4.6 and keeping her self warm. She is still on a breathing tube and we will most likely go home with her on oxygen it is interesting that we didn't need it for the first few days and now we will take it home. She just doesn't like to breathe and eat at the same time. She did actually turn a good purple color today when I was feeding her it really scares us and makes me mad a little to see my baby with all of the tubes and wires and turning purple. They want to kick us out of here soon they are trying to get her to eat all of her meals with a bottle or boob and they will give her the thumbs up. We are kinda ok with that we are scared to have her at home and only be able to rely on her color to know if she has stopped breathing. Today they said maybe even Monday we don't really know. If she has another one of her breathing episodes and she is not eating then we have to stay five days after that for us to get the ok. Either way we are stuck here the transfer to FtC wont work with our insurance so I will keep commuting. Andrea is doing really great these days she hasn't showered in a few days I think while I was gone this week she may have just sat in courts room and watched her the whole time. Well that is it. I found out that my "style" of writing (yes I have a style) is called stream of consciousness (thank God for spell check).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Girl

Hi, this is Andrea. This is my first contribution to our blog! Our girl, Courtney, is doing well. She is nearing 4 lbs. 2 oz. now and is doing a great job of learning how to eat! She drinks from a bottle once during the day and once at night and breastfeeds once a day. She is building her stamina and eating more and more everyday. She just about finished her entire bottle for Brian last night. We are still at University Hospital, hoping to transfer up to Fort Collins. We are in a holding pattern right now until Courtney officially shows up under my insurance. So Brian and I are just waiting to hear from our case manager. I am a little nervous about the move. University Hospital has been home to me since Jan. 8 and I am quite comfortable with Courtney's nurses and routine. It will be nice to be home, however, and return to a sense of normalcy. Love to all!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More pics Note:don't try to breathe as fast as your baby you will pass out.

Of course I didn't try to keep up that would be stupid.

Pictures! Your Favorite.

Going to FTC

Hey there we are nervous and excited today. We found out we might be able to go back to Fort Collins. Poudre Valley Hospital NICU is very capable and is very qualified to take care of Court. I think I am more excited than Andi. I am pretty sure that she has started to think of the 4Th floor here as home. I think she has been at home for 4 nights of the 2009 year so far.

Courtney is doing great she has passed the 4 pound mark today and is out of her isolette and into a regular little crib. It actually just looks like a giant piece of Tupperware with a blanket. It proves me right all of this time I have been telling Andi we could keep her in a Banana box by our bed (she is kind of monkeyish with those hands). She is now on a little bit of oxygen to keep her energy up for feeding. The biggest deal with preemie babies is that their little brain has a hard time keeping up with all of her to dos (eating, sleeping, breathing, pooping, keeping warm). She has been taking a lot of her food from a bottle when we let her and even doing a little bit of feeding from the boob directly. It is interesting because we don't know how much she is eating so we weigh her before she eats and after. So the girls are doing great Andi is moving around just fine now and Court is doing her job and growing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alarms for the first time.

Hey there another day in the NICU just watching and trying to get as many things done in between her Cares as possible. I am very tired I think just because of the emotional part of all of this. We had our first little scare with Court today she decided to not breathe for a couple of seconds so her heart rate dropped to 60 and all of the alarms went off in our little corner of the NICU. We freaked and the nurses were super calm because apparently it happens all of the time in here. We gave her a little shake to wake her up and she woke up and snapped out of it. I had gotten used to not watching the monitor for a few days. I am sure I will be back to just sitting and watching her heart rate all day. We had Samanthas little funeral yesterday. It was nice to have that part of this whole deal over with and just be able to think of her in heaven and not sitting in a box waiting to be buried. We had pretty much said our good byes to her when we gave her to Andis uncle to take back to La Junta and mostly on the day that she died. I have to get now and take care of Court. She is a Ninja in that bed she can get out of any thing we wrap her up in. I am proud of her.

Monday, March 16, 2009

We are growing.

Courtney gained weight today. That is our prayer lately. I think that having the Girls has forced us to enjoy the small things in life. I appreciate seeing my wife without her guts sitting on top of her belly. Sleep. Poopie diapers. Eyes opening and closing. All of those little boring things are in our prayers. We were talking the other day about how blessed our lives are with all of our amazing friends. You are all so great we are the most blessed people in the whole world. We really have not had any crazy changes in our day Courtney is doing great and that is all we want. We did get our bill today for Andis hospital stay not bad at 97,254.00 and no cents. Thank God for insurance we will pay about 750 of that. Finally Andis job is paying off. We are staying at a hotel near the hospital. Soren bought it for us for the week, thank you Soren keep your hands off Sam. Tonight is our first night alone in a room since January 8. Andrea says hi. Love You Guys.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More pictures I got to hold her for the first time.

The first one is Courtney under the lights getting a tan. Just a base. She takes after Jess already in the booth getting started early. Love you Jess. The others are some fat guy holding my daughter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pictures of Thursday


That is what we are calling our pumping process because I spend a lot of time using the syringe to suck up every little drop of Andreas milk. Our schedule is really easy we wake up and take care of Courtney (change diaper, take temp hopefully it is 36 ish, feed her we are to 12ccs of milk, and hold her a little. She is under the lights for her red blood cell count it is a little high and we are trying to get it down a little bit. We are really trying to get moved to PVH in Fort Collins so that I can be close to work and Andrea can get back to a normal life. Time to hang out with Courtney talk soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Samantha, the nurses called her "Sammie"

We just tried to love the crap out of her when she was here. This was not what we expected when we decided to have a baby that is just life I guess. When I imagined it I really thought it would be a day where we would end up in neutral with the happy and the sad balancing us out to grey. It wasn't that way. It was mostly happy and really sad at the same time. It was the saddest and the happiest I have ever been. I did not know what was going to make me the saddest with Samantha now I think it is that she would have loved me simply that is all. I will miss her. The blessing is we have peace in our faith, that doesn't mean we haven't been a little mad. We will never have to wonder what she would look like we will always have Courtney her exact twin. She will have to get two babies worth of hugging, kisses and love. We feel like Sunday was perfect. We were able to hold our girl and the family got to meet her and love her. She loved us back. I can still smell her.

Sorry if the writing sucked just thought I should write something.

Pictures of Courtney

Pics Love you Guys

These are the pictures of Samantha and some of the time we had with her. The last one is me getting ready to go to the surgery room.

In the NICU

Just quick update for you this morning and I will write more when we have some down time. Samantha made it about an hour we think Sunday from about 1240 to 140. We just held her like crazy while she was here. She did open one eye right when Andrea said hi and moved her mouth. Courtney is doing great in her little bubble I was able to change her tiny diaper and wipe that tar like substance off her little butt. I set some aside and we are going to sell it to 3M for research that stuff is freakin sticky. She is breathing on her own and is taking about 3ccs of Andi's milk every 4 or so hours. She has actually gained about an ounce they say I am pretty sure it is just the extra weight of all if the crap they have stuck to her and in her. She is under the lights this morning to get rid of some extra red blood cells. Andrea has been awesome she is a milk champ on the pumps. She is walking/shuffling around so I am happy. Over all we are good. Pics later. Take Care

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Trainor Twins have arrived

Courtney Marie and Samantha Grace are finally here!! :) Andi is doing great and is holding Samantha before going to into recovery. Courtney is doing beautifully and came out crying. They have taken Courtney into the NICU and Samantha is staying with Brian and then he will bring her to see us. Andi will be able to see Courtney a little later after recovery and will be taking pictures with Brian, Courney and Samantha.

We are all thankful that they are finally here and will cherish the time we have left with Samantha until she joins God in Heaven and as far as Courtney goes....we will be seeing alot of her in the future!! ;)

Andi is officially getting prepped for surgery

Andi is getting prepped for surgery as we speak. We all are here in the waiting room anticipating the arrival of the Trainor Twins :) I will keep you posted!!

Pictures of the day


Hey they are all set for 11:30 today possibly. Andrea had her last monitoring this morning she has the IV in and we both have our outfits ready to put on. The whole family is here in the room. That is it I am handing this blog over to Jessica for the rest of the next days.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The little outfit is Samanthas. Andi is on the phone updating parents.

Tomorrow could be the day

Hey there it is 8:15 pm Saturday night. We are hoping to have the girls out tomorrow. They have given us a tentative OK for tomorrow at 10 am. Right now they think that Courtney is about 4.3 pounds and Samantha is probably a little less than that. What we have been told is that Samantha will probably only make it for a little while really just a few minutes or so. They will not really give her any help breathing because she will not make it when taken off and we will be the ones to have to decide to take her off and we don't want to do that. Courtney is looking really good we were able to watch her really try to breath and practice sucking we feel great about her chances of doing well in the NICU. We were able to get the little outfit today that we will bury Samantha in. It is very cute and tiny I was really happy to see it because I have been trying to visualize the girls and what size they will be when they come out. The bigger the better I guess I just hope Courtney doesn't take after me. So really that is where we are at. I can tell you I am not going to miss this little couch at all. I am afraid however that I wont be sleeping much for a little while comfortable bed or not. I will do my best to update you all (all three of you) in the morning and tell you what we have going on in the morning. If they bump us we will try to keep it tomorrow if possible. If not it will be as soon as possible. Thanks we will talk to you soon. -Brian and Andrea

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hey there I am so sorry again my computer will not let me edit or post and we have been crazy. Well we have finally seen some action around here. They have given us the go ahead any time with the babies. So now we have to decide and that brings all kinds of questions. So we have two docs on the floor that think we need to wait until the 34 week mark. The nurses and the other doctor think we should do it asap like tomorrow. Andrea got another shot for the babies lungs. We are not really sure what to do with it all. I think Andrea is afraid because when they are born we have to let Samantha go. That is really it. We are just trying to pick a day right now. I am thinking Monday at 1:37 am to keep everyone on their toes. That is all I really feel like writing I am sure Andrea will edit all of this. -Brian