Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Pics (there are just so many)

So most of these are new but I also attached her 2 day old picture with the killer pig. Other updates in the family and friends, Ty and Steph are close to their due date only a few more days, Adam and Nicole are due in almost a month, Jess and Joe are having a baby dunno sex yet (Jess thinks boy), Brandon and Tara are having a boy, Drew and Shannon had Natalie, Clayton and Anna had Phoebe, Doc Eric and Courtney had Cohen. Hope all is well. A little baby boom in our group of friends.

Today is the Girls Due Date

So today is our due date that we were told that the baby was going to be born. Then babies were going to be born. What a crazy last 40 months that we have had. I think that it all started in Mexico in the hot tub (I think, sorry Bobby!). So we are all doing really good here. Life is settling in I am working a ton and Andi is getting used to her new life as a wonderful mother. She is such an awesome mom to Court. Love you guys. -Brian

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Been a while

Hey there I am again sorry for the delay. Hope you are all well. We are good we have Court home and we are free of all supplements to normal baby life. No more additives in the milk and no more oxygen. We have adjusted relatively well to our schedules I think. Last night Court slept for 3 hours straight and I think we both woke up and kinda freaked out because we had slept for so long. She is weighing in at 6.8 pounds. She has been gaining about an ounce a day since we came home. She will be at double her lightest weight in 6 more ounces pretty crazy. It is mostly just leg and cheek fat. No real surprises for us here we are really happy to be home. Andrea is doing great running around cleaning in her 5 free minutes every two hours. It feels like a home with the girls here. We are slowly putting the house together, I am on a one picture a night pace right now. Well that is all for tonight short and sweet take care. -B and Andi
ps. Just re read it to check for any big mistakes and I must say it is Eloquent

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Adjusted

We are doing great at home now. Courtney has been getting us adjusted to her schedule and what she likes and doesn't like. Mostly eating and sleeping and pooping. We are trying to feed her every 3 hours right now and we are adding a fortifier to her milk to make it more caloric. She has grown an inch and weighs exactly a pound more than she did at birth (17.5 inches and 4-11) We have the O2 tank and her hose we have to drag around the house with her right now. She is only on oxygen so that it takes less energy for her to eat and grow. Our new doc up in FtC will tell us when we can get rid of it. He said possibly until her due date at the end of April. So it feels like we have been home for a few weeks probably because we have been awake for that long. It is so nice to have the girls here now it is nice to wake up and feel like I am at home.